CFPSM Physician Assistants Participate in Medical Mission Work

In February of 2011 both of our CFP&SM Physician Assistants, Jennifer and Jude, traveled to the Dominican Republic to offer their medical services to aid those in need. Since starting with CFP&SM they have been involved in volunteer service work to both the Dominican and to Haiti through “Hands of Hope NC”. “Hands of Hope” is a North Carolina based medical mission organization whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of those less fortunate and in need.

MLB Addresses Concussion Management

Hey sports fans!  MLB’s opening day is tomorrow. With the dawn of a new season, Major League Baseball is instituting new guidelines in how concussions are managed among players AND umpires. As the understanding and management of this injury continues to evolve, it is reassuring that professional sports organizations are taking steps to protect their…