The Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic is celebrating our 10 year Anniversary! CSCC is among the oldest and busiest concussion clinics in the Southeastern United States. Our clinic has grown and flourished over the years, in no small part, due to your continued support.

Since inception, it has been a major priority of Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic to stay current with best practices in the rapidly changing world of sport concussion. Accordingly, we regularly adjust and update our evaluation and treatment protocols to maintain the most up-to-date, evidence-based practices. We have also made it a priority to contribute to the science and body of medical literature regarding sports concussion. Some of the accomplishments we are most proud of during the last decade include:
– Evaluation and treatment of nearly 7000 sports concussions.
– Housed and conducted 3 clinical studies (including one of the largest community-based studies of pediatric concussions to date).
– Published and/or presented 11 abstracts or papers about sport related concussion.
– Participated in International White paper Guidelines on active treatment of concussion.
– Helped define/develop/validate ‘subtyping’ concussion via the Brain Trauma Evidence-Based Consortium (forthcoming publication in Neurosurgery this fall).
– Presented at over 100 educational conferences and symposiums.
– Taken care of countless teams at the professional, elite amateur, high school, youth levels.
– Instrumental in the authoring and passing the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act of North Carolina in 2011.

One extremely exciting finding we discovered upon review of our 2017 concussion data is that early access to care leads to better outcomes for patients. In our 2017 population, our average duration to clearance was approximately 12 days when patients were seen and evaluated within 72 hours post-injury. That number increases to 28 days, when seen and evaluated greater than 72 hours post-injury. We believe this speaks to the importance of early active treatment (vestibular and ocular motor therapy, prescribed exercise, nutrition/hydration/sleep hygiene education, and more).

Ultimately, our number one priority is to provide the very best care to all our patients, our teams, and our community. We firmly believe this is best done with a team-based, multi-disciplinary approach. To that end, we greatly appreciate all your help, collaboration, and support. As we look back over the last decade, it is very clear that none of this is possible without your support. We cannot thank you enough for entrusting us with the care of your patients and for your collegiality.

Please accept this token of our appreciation. We look forward to continuing our relationship and together providing world class care for years to come.

With sincere thanks,

Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic Team
Our Providers and Athletic Trainers