Please note that the only adult, non-sport related concussions we see are those individuals who are already established patients at Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine.

If Medicaid is your primary insurance, we will require a referral from your primary care provider before scheduling an appointment. 


The Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic is proud to offer comprehensive, evidence-based assessment and treatment of sports-related concussion.

Established in 2008, our goal is to raise awareness and educate the community on concussion prevention and recognition and to be a leader in concussion management in Wake County and throughout all of North Carolina.

To date, our providers have evaluated and treated over 3,000 sports-related concussions. Referrals have come from Wake & Durham County Middle & High Schools, Cardinal Gibbons and other area private schools, Meredith College, St. Augustine’s University, and Shaw University. In addition to academic institutions, we have also seen athletes from the Apex Sports Authority, Carolina Eagles, Triangle Volleyball Club and numerous other youth sports organizations.

Our clinic specifically addresses concussions that occur during sports and physical activity, concussions in athletes, and concussions in pediatric patients. Our active approach is geared towards returning each patient to his goal, whether that goal be in the classroom, in the field, or in life.

Evaluation and resolution of a concussion is a process.  Our active approach is an excellent way to treat each unique injury as that.

When you call the Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic hotline, you will speak with one of our certified athletic trainers.  It may seem like we ask a lot of questions.  Before you walk in the door, we want to know as much about your injury as possible.

Your first visit will last 90 minutes to two hours.  After you are checked in, one of our clinical staff will complete a thorough clinical interview. This will include gathering specific information about your injury, reviewing your and your family’s medical history, completing the following screenings:  a graded symptom checklist, the vestibulo-ocular motor screening, and balance testing.  Our athletic trainers may also administer a neurocognitive test on the computer or iPad to gauge things like memory, visual processing speed, and reaction time.

Once that information is gathered, your provider will perform a thorough physical exam, including a neurological screening.  Your provider / athletic trainer team will use all of their findings to develop a Concussion Care Plan unique to your injury, keeping in mind your goals for returning to activities.

If indicated, your provider may repeat some of the above screening tools / tests at your follow-up visit(s).  This will help us make the best recommendations on returning you to school, work, and physical activity as your injury resolves.

Please call our SPORTS CONCUSSION CLINIC HOTLINE at 919-238-2017 or 919-238-2000 option 2 if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.