The Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic has used ImPACT (Immediate Post-Injury Assessment and Cognitive Testing) as part of our management program since March 2009.  ImPACT has become a very helpful clinical tool is assessing the severity of concussion as well as helping our providers make sound return to school and return to play decisions for our patients.

ImPACT is made up of three parts: sport & health history, current symptoms & conditions, and the neurocognitive test portion.  Six subtests make up the neurocognitive portion, and raw scores from those six sections contribute to four composite scores (verbal memory composite, visual memory composite, visual motor speed, and reaction time).  These four composite scores are statistically determined clinical scales that help determine level of impairment following an injury.  If an athlete has a valid baseline test (done when no injury is present), then the post-injury scores can be compared back to that baseline to show what leve of cognitive impairment exists followng concussion.

Baseline testing is best performed when an athlete is uninjured.  The goal of baseline testing is establish a strong, valid set of scores to be used in the case of an injury. It is recommended that baseline testing be performed every other year for patients ages 10-18, or a few weeks after a concussion has completely resolved.

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If you are intersted in providing your team or child with baseline ImPACT testing, please call the Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic hotline at 919-238-2017.