If you had lab work done as part of your visit:

Generally, labs will be released to your MyChart account (if active) within 24 hours of results being received, but may take 7-10 business days. Be advised that some labs, such as Lyme tests, bacterial cultures, and Vitamin D levels, among others, may take longer to result, as well as labs drawn prior to holidays. You should hear from our clinic within 7-10 business days of your collection.

If you had an imaging study done:

Most imaging reports are sent to the ordering provider 24-48 hours after completion of exam. You should hear from our office within 5-7 days after your exam.

If you do not hear from our office within the timelines appropriate for your testing (via MyChart, mail, or telephone), please contact our office at 919-238-2000 to ensure you receive your results.