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Information for School Professionals

Cognitive rest may very well be the cornerstone of recovery from concussion.  Implementing a plan for return to school is paramount in setting the tone for recovery.  Prior to starting any athletic activity, a student – athlete must be symptom free at rest and with cognitive exertion.

This information from the CDC gives some important things for school administrators to look for, as their observations of a student’s behavior and performance are invaluable to the recovery process.

Returning to School After Concussion

In North Carolina, the Department of Public Instruction has created a policy to better delineate responsibility among educators / administrators to assist students recovering from concussion.

The TBI – Return to Learn Policy has been created to assist LEAs and Charters in the development of a plan that address the needs of student’s preschool through twelfth grade suffering concussions. The plan must include:

  1. guidelines for removal of a student from physical and mental activity when there is suspicion of concussion;
  2. a notification procedure to education staff regarding removal from learn or play;
  3. expectations regarding annual medical care update from parents, medical care plan/school accommodations in the event of concussion; and
  4. delineation of requirements for safe return-to-learn or play following concussion.

Return to Learn Concussion Policy HRS-E-001

Implementation Guide