Most concussions resolve in a reasonable amount of time and can be treated within the scope of our services.  However, some concussions take longer to get better.  If this is the case, we will rely on our Community Concussion Care Team of specialists to further evaluate the injury and provide appropriate interventions.


An evaluation by a neuropsychologist may involve paper & pencil testing to examine deficiencies in verbal/visual memory, processing speed, and reaction time.

Our preferred neuropsychologists are Dr.’s Bob & Alanna Conder of Carolina Neuropsychological Service.

Pediatric Neurology

A pediatric neurologist may be involved in prescribing medications to help with certain symptoms or may aid in identifying if any type of diagnostic imaging needs to be performed.

Dr. John Wooten of Raleigh Neurology has been working with our patients for several years and has tremendous experience in the area of concussion management.

Physical Therapy

Vestibular therapy may be indicated in patients who suffer from persistant balance problems or dizziness that follow sports-related concussion.  The therapists at Raleigh Neurology use Sensory Organziation Testing and specific vestibular tools to assess severity and may provide specific vestbular rehabilitation exercises to help the vestibular system recover.

The Holly Springs location of Access Physical Therapy & Wellness, as well as both the Cary & Raleigh locations of Sports & More Physical Therapy are excellent options for post-concussion vestibular evaluation and therapy services.


Dr. Mike Peters of Eye Care Associates is our preferred optometrist for visual deficits associated with sports-related concussions.

Dr. Sue Durham is also an optometrist who will see our patients for vision deficits.

*Please note that referral to any of the above specialists does not guarantee benefits covered by your insurance company.   Please contact your insurance carrier directly to inquire about coverage for referrals to specialists.*